Yes, yes, yes, I want and I go

My parents were thrilled with the news that one of their children wanted to live in the parental home. My father still lived when we made the deal, but sadly he passed away shortly after that. Such a shame, we would have loved to see him racing across the meadow on the John Deere lawnmower. He certainly would have enjoyed that! Back to where we left off… The deal was done: we had bought a 400-year-old farm, and now what? Look, the two of us are really good at this, we spent evenings brainstorming. I didn’t want to sell my parental home and Jan was eager to have a new house built, completely to our standards. Then there was the Eureka moment: let’s transfer the farm into a giant holiday home and have a new house built for our own use on the 10,000 m2 premises. Here our ‘no going back’ adventure starts, as it turned out not to be that simple at all. Problems with the municipality, a contractor who went 1.5 times over the budget, constantly making decisions, being in the rat race for the umpteenth time and working very, very hard. On Mother’s Day, Jan was even pressure washing roof tiles, in the freezing cold. What on earth had we got ourselves into?

All’s well that ends well. With great pleasure, we lived in the farm for two years, while in the meantime our own house was being built. After that, patios, verandas, sheds and saunas were built and we could start receiving guests. At the start it was exciting, and we loved it. However, when looking at photos of the early days, the garden looks really poorly. Proud of what we had achieved and looking through rose-coloured glasses, we hadn’t realised that at all. The little house was used as our barn in the beginning, we jokingly referred to it as ‘my mother’s apartment’. Here we built another beautiful holiday home, for 4 people, with a sauna and a jacuzzi. From here too, you can enjoy that magnificent, phenomenal view.

Jan and Marieke would not be Jan and Marieke if they wouldn’t have any new plans. So what’s up? Is it impossible for the both of you to sit down and do nothing for a change? Of course, we can, later, when we are grown-ups :) In short, we have sold our self-built house (nr. 15) per 1st of October 2022 and will then move back to house nr. 13. This means that as of the beginning of September 2022 our big holiday home will no longer be available for bookings.

We would like to thank all the guests that we welcomed over the years. It has always been great having you as our guest. So, no more bookings for the big holiday home, but, of course, we still do have the small holiday home where we are happy to welcome you. This will give us the opportunity to spend (even more) time with our children and grandchild and to enjoy playing golf together. We really look forward to this new project of ours. My dear mum wept for joy, as we’’ll return to ‘her’ place, where she has lived for over 50 years with my dad. Perhaps you’re interested to read on my blog what it was like on the farm, in the old days. I would really appreciate that!

I now end the “about us” story with a beautiful quote from William Blake: ‘All that is reality now, first seemed an impossible dream!’

Are you already looking forward to enjoying our phenomenal view of 5 km? Book our holiday home for 4 people, with a sauna and jacuzzi and enjoy the dunes and the beach. We would love to welcome you!

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